Field Days

Field Days

Central Wheatbelt Imports have just attended 7 Spring Field days across Australia. Given seasonal conditions, favourable feed back has been received from attendees.

Many clients have taken the opportunity to updated lighting equiptment for the upcoming Hay and Grain Harvest with many more asking for details on local dealers. Central Wheatbelt imports have received strong support from most machinery dealers througout Australia with many holding good stock levels.

The new range of LED Lightbars have seen strong suppoort with two sizes selling out, fortunately new stock should arrive in the 3rd week of October.

Many Dash Camera Observation kits have been supplied to farmers and contractors alike for fitment to grain trailers. These units can save serious time and improve safety in the loading of grain especially by single operators. The need to climb up the side of the grain trailer to inspect loading is now replaced by the operator watching a screen on the dash. Accurate loading of grain is now very easy and augers can run at full speed for faster loading times.

For more information on Central Wheatbelt Imports range of lights and camera observation kits please contact Craig on 08 9284 7600