NEW products arriving shortly

NEW products arriving shortly

Central Wheatbelt Imports is pleased to announce a number of new products arriving early 2012

For those utilising the new John Deere GS3 guidance system, we will have available the main cable running from the screen to the rear of the cab. From there it will be a case of using our existing cables and camera’s.

We will also have the harness to attach a single camera to the screens in the new John Deere cabs.

Two new internal ballast HID Driving lights have been extensively tested and evaluated with stocks arriving shortly.

The first is the PD699, a cast alloy 55watt, 6000k driving light. A pair will provide good light out to 450-500 metres. They are of a very rugged construction and will survive!!. 180mm wide, 140mm deep, 195 high and weighing 2080 grams. We are currently negotiating on having these available in a semi-spot lense as well.

Our second new light, the XT2150 is all plastic, again 55 watt, 6000k with internal ballast. A pair of lights will comfortably cover 800 metres and easily fit on most bullbars. 215 mm wide, 230mm high, 135mm deep and weighing 1130grams.

All products can be purchased through your local dealer, direct or purchase on line.