About Us

In 2004, West Australian farmer, Craig Gorfin, ventured into importing. He had identified a need on his own farm for quality products that could improve operator safety, productivity and efficiency. After many overseas trips to see what was out there and to source products, Central Wheatbelt Imports was established.

Since then, Central Wheatbelt Imports has grown to become one of Australia’s leading suppliers of Dash Camera Observation Equipment, LED Lighting including a big range of retro-fit LED machine lighting and the Australian Importer of the Billericay Air Bubble Jets. These are all products that improve safety, reduce risk and increase productivity for machinery operators.

Craig is still committed to personally sourcing new products for machinery operators throughout Australia. He specializes in Dash Camera Observation Systems, LED Machinery lighting and Air Induction Spray Technology along with supplying Australian made Snatch Straps.

Craig has first-hand working knowledge of all the products that he sells and is able to recommend the correct cameras and screens for your application and can recommend lighting and camera packages for your individual machinery requirements.

If you would like more information on any product, please contact us.