Fertilizer Streaming Nozzles

We have just dispatched a set of Trident Fertilizer Streaming Nozzles out to an existing client as for the last couple of days he has seen his neighbor out applying Flex-N (liquid Nitrogen) using our Fertilizer Streaming Nozzles, whilst their boom-spray has been sitting still because it is to windy to operate!!

What is the opportunity cost he has lost?? with another 7-12mm of rain forecast in the next couple of days. As he said these Fertilizer Streaming Nozzles will be a cheap investment for a few years to come to be able to apply Liquid N in any weather conditions!!

New Website

our new website compatible with mobile phone and tablets has just gone live as from Friday 15th Jan

Please bare with us as we organize all our photo’s and products into order, it does take some time!

we will appreciate any comments

interesting week??

I have had an interesting week so far.

Started with an Agronomist who was recommended by one of his clients to call in and see me, re some new driving lights for his crew-cab. He had hit a bird whilst driving and broken the brackets that were part of the integral brackets holding the cheap lightbar on that he had purchased of e-bay, hence no more lightbar!!. He then purchased a pair of 9×10 LED spots as replacement.

Today, I had a client who had purchased a pair of 12×10 2 row lightbars for his ute at Newdegate Field Days last year. He smacked a big roo, which folded the bullbar back onto his bonnet but was able to keep driving. The 12 x 10 two row lightbars, what happened to them?? bent one of two brackets on each light that bolt them down, and still working!! wish I had a photo!!

Our lights maybe a bit dearer than e-bay lights, but I know there is a reason why!!



Wireless antennae wire signal issues

I have had a call from one of our customers (thanks Chad) who experienced issues whilst installing a wireless camera in the seed tank on his tow behind air cart.

He installed the screen in the tractor and camera at the top of the grain tank pointing down at the roller with the external antennae sitting at the front of the air-cart with the cable just looped outside the air cart. He checked that everything was working OK and he had a clear picture and a full 4 bars of signal on his screen.

He then went back, tidied up and coiled the excess antennae cable up tightly and cabled tied it neatly up.

On re-entering the cab, he noticed that the signal had dropped to one bar and then dropped out entirely. He scratched his head, thought what the …., and went back and cut the cable ties and let the antennae wire loop over the side of the bin and when he re-checked he had a full signal again. The machine is now operating perfectly with the antennae wire looped up but not tied tightly together.

I have spoken to a couple of other owners about this issue and it appears to be intermittent and related to how tightly the excess wire is coiled and cabled tied tightly together.

If any-one else is having issues with their wireless camera systems, please give me a ring.

Radio Interference

I have received great feed-back from one client that was experiencing buzzing on his am/fm radio when the new LED lights he fitted to the roof of his tractor were turned on. The fact he had interference at all surprised me.

As it turned out it was a simple fix, he lifted the roof, moved the power wire supplying the lights away from the radio antennae wire, they were touching, even thou still sheathed and the problem was solved, no more buzzing. He had installed the same lights on his harvester in 2014 with no issues.

We are also waiting on stock of Clip On Ferrite Core Rings. These clip on the power wire as close as possible to the light and are designed to reduce radio interference.

I am unsure if this will work with HID Lights?

If you have come across any other “Fixes” please share them, craig@cwimports.com.au , Thanks

2km/hr Faster at night with the two lights

“2 km/hr faster at night with the two lights , in the end I just disconnected the two middle lights on the header and used existing wiring and fuses etc”,  Ian McNeil, Kellerberrin on a 8010 with a 39ft front

See 12X10 LED 2 Row for photos

Harvester Lights

Our phone is running hot at this time of the year for lights to increase vision for night time operations, especially on older harvesters. With these machines I do try and encourage owners to replace original power hungry lights rather than just add lights. LED lights are very power efficient and in a lot of instances will provide 5 times more light and use a third of the power of a standard light.

If you need distance light a LightBar will be very efficient at supplying this sort of light.

Another power hungry operation is opening the chaff cart door, ensure that you are running the best lights for your machine.

We often see photos of harvesters with 4 0r 6 lights added to the roof with the owner stating that the alternator is overloaded, this is understandable and replacing the alternator is not always the best solution. Please ring Craig on 0893352700 to discuss your requirements. We are more than happy to recommend a package for you to order thru your local dealer if you prefer.

Snatch Straps

Snatch Straps are becoming increasingly popular  for safely extracting machinery from sticky situations

50 Tonne 9 mt strap $572.00inc gst, 15mt $902.00inc gst

75 tonne 9 mt $979.00inc gst, 15mt $1540.00inc gst

100 Tonne 9 mt $1265.00inc gst, 15mt $1925.00inc gst

Manufactured locally using Australian webbing, please contact Craig on 08 9335 2700 for details

Can be manufactured to any length you require

Beware the snake oil salesman

It is disappointing to hear of people spending good money and not receiving what they expect.

I have recently had a phone call from Brian in NSW who had just spent in excess of $4000 on 4 lightbars on his 3185 Fastrac used to pull a 20 mt BoomSpray. His problem, he could not see the end of his booms! He had purchased the LightBars from and had them fitted by his local auto electrician. He did have plenty of light, but most off the light was not were it was needed. I did feel very sorry for him and disappointed.

We have supplied lights to plenty of boomspray operators, for less than half of what Brian spent, for tractors towing booms twice as wide and going 10km hr faster with more useable light being produced!!.

The second operator to contact me, Matt, purchased a cheap lightbar off ebay for his harvester with a 36ft front. The ebay purchased lightbar did not produce the amount of light expected, approx. a third of the light compared to a similar size CWI LightBar, but also some of the diodes had failed and Matt was not even sure what LED chips were in the light he had purchased (CREE are a lot brighter and so more efficient than other LED Chips). The main problem here is, is the lightbar  is still drawing current from an already over stretched alternator and not producing the light expected but more importantly Matt had no way to return the light for warranty. A good manufacturer will supply product with less than 1% fail rate and if by chance there is a problem, he will fix the problem!!

We constantly test the lights we sell to ensure we are recommending the correct light for the job. Central Wheatbelt Imports has a good repour with all our manufacturers and we are constantly on the lookout for new and more efficient Lighting packages.

I can remember asking our manufacturer in late 2011 for a curved lightbar and they laughed at me, look what we have now!!

Rear Vision Mirror/ Screen

Replace your existing Rear Vision Mirror with a mirror that has a screen on the left hand side.

Select reverse and have a 4.3in image appear on the left hand side of the screen

A second Camera can run all the time or just use one camera which only works when reverse is selected

Extremely good quality picture available with your choice of Cameras

Will be on display at the upcoming Caravan and Camping Show, March 21-25 Claremont Show Grounds