Loading Grain Safely

We have been successfully supplying cameras for placement in grain tipping bins for about 15 years now.

Now with Wireless technology it is possible to place a camera on the end of an Auger, up to 110 foot Auger so far, and stay on the ground watching the grain flow with the screen being powered by a small battery pack. No more rushing up and down silo ladders to shut of the grain flow, or even chocking of augers because you can stay in control from ground level and know how the silo is filling.

A cheap investment for a lot of uses.

Fertilizer Streaming Nozzles

We have just dispatched a set of Trident Fertilizer Streaming Nozzles out to an existing client as for the last couple of days he has seen his neighbor out applying Flex-N (liquid Nitrogen) using our Fertilizer Streaming Nozzles, whilst their boom-spray has been sitting still because it is to windy to operate!!

What is the opportunity cost he has lost?? with another 7-12mm of rain forecast in the next couple of days. As he said these Fertilizer Streaming Nozzles will be a cheap investment for a few years to come to be able to apply Liquid N in any weather conditions!!

JD Harvester Lights

We have just had a farmer from Central Queensland purchase the led13x5fl and led13x5sp lights for one of his JD9770’s.

They installed them, did one night’s work and rang up and ordered two more sets for his other two machines. They were very impressed with the quality and amount of light produced and the big comment was that they now had no shadows!!

These lights also are fitted with same plugs as on the 9770 to enable ease of fitment.

Good lighting equals less bogging, true story

With last years wet start to the year in mind, it reminds me of one client running two air-seeder units, different widths so working in different pieces as to why the smaller machine was bogging more than the larger machine durin g the night shift.

It wasn’t until he actually drove the smaller machine at night time that he realized the dilemma, the big STX had a 50in curve bar on the front and the smaller STX had no upgrade lighting. The difference with the extra lighting enabled the operators to see the soil color change were it was wet and so avoid getting bogged. A quick phone call was made and another light bar was installed.

Ensure adequate power

Just had a call from a long time client who installed two new 80 watt flood lights on the back of his air-cart to illuminate his tow behind air-seeder bar. They are the ledlb8x102rowflood, plenty bright enough, except one light was flashing from side to side and the first light to receive the power was working just fine.

The cause was lack of power. If it had been left to run, the lightbar would have burnt  out.

If when installing additional lighting and things don’t feel right, check the amount of power they are receiving.

Good Feed-Back

I do not get the chance to speak to many clients post their purchase, but it actually happened last week.

Jack had purchased a curved lightbar along with 4 smaller lightbars  for their new Case SP Sprayer and I rang to inquire if they were doing the job. (I firmly believe that any feed-back is good feed-back).

Jack is more than happy with the amount of light they produce and went on to say that the lightbars on the Sprayer are doing a much better job than what his local dealer had fitted to his new Quad Trac, and no the dealer did not seek any advice from CWImports.

New Website

our new website compatible with mobile phone and tablets has just gone live as from Friday 15th Jan

Please bare with us as we organize all our photo’s and products into order, it does take some time!

we will appreciate any comments

interesting week??

I have had an interesting week so far.

Started with an Agronomist who was recommended by one of his clients to call in and see me, re some new driving lights for his crew-cab. He had hit a bird whilst driving and broken the brackets that were part of the integral brackets holding the cheap lightbar on that he had purchased of e-bay, hence no more lightbar!!. He then purchased a pair of 9×10 LED spots as replacement.

Today, I had a client who had purchased a pair of 12×10 2 row lightbars for his ute at Newdegate Field Days last year. He smacked a big roo, which folded the bullbar back onto his bonnet but was able to keep driving. The 12 x 10 two row lightbars, what happened to them?? bent one of two brackets on each light that bolt them down, and still working!! wish I had a photo!!

Our lights maybe a bit dearer than e-bay lights, but I know there is a reason why!!



Wireless antennae wire signal issues

I have had a call from one of our customers (thanks Chad) who experienced issues whilst installing a wireless camera in the seed tank on his tow behind air cart.

He installed the screen in the tractor and camera at the top of the grain tank pointing down at the roller with the external antennae sitting at the front of the air-cart with the cable just looped outside the air cart. He checked that everything was working OK and he had a clear picture and a full 4 bars of signal on his screen.

He then went back, tidied up and coiled the excess antennae cable up tightly and cabled tied it neatly up.

On re-entering the cab, he noticed that the signal had dropped to one bar and then dropped out entirely. He scratched his head, thought what the …., and went back and cut the cable ties and let the antennae wire loop over the side of the bin and when he re-checked he had a full signal again. The machine is now operating perfectly with the antennae wire looped up but not tied tightly together.

I have spoken to a couple of other owners about this issue and it appears to be intermittent and related to how tightly the excess wire is coiled and cabled tied tightly together.

If any-one else is having issues with their wireless camera systems, please give me a ring.

Radio Interference

I have received great feed-back from one client that was experiencing buzzing on his am/fm radio when the new LED lights he fitted to the roof of his tractor were turned on. The fact he had interference at all surprised me.

As it turned out it was a simple fix, he lifted the roof, moved the power wire supplying the lights away from the radio antennae wire, they were touching, even thou still sheathed and the problem was solved, no more buzzing. He had installed the same lights on his harvester in 2014 with no issues.

We are also waiting on stock of Clip On Ferrite Core Rings. These clip on the power wire as close as possible to the light and are designed to reduce radio interference.

I am unsure if this will work with HID Lights?

If you have come across any other “Fixes” please share them, craig@cwimports.com.au , Thanks