Snatch Strap works

I was speaking to a client last week (Feb 2020) who purchased a 75 Tonne snatch strap in July 2017 to replace a cable that snapped whilst extracting a bogged SP Sprayer(they were lucky no one was injured bar machinery when cable snapped).

My client was saying that the snatch strap combined with a bridal, is a lot easier to use and with the elasticity when pulling stuck machinery out of bogs the whole process is a lot gentler on machinery. He also mentioned that because they have the proper strap on hand, the urge isn’t to try and get a machine out by itself, which usually results in a bigger mess, but wait for another tractor and strap to turn up and do it easily with less horsepower and mess being made.!

Cameras with LED in-built, YES

Yes, here at Central Wheatbelt Imports, we do listen!! I have had a couple of clients mention over time that visibility inside some steel air-seeder tanks has not been the greatest. I mentioned this to our factory and asked if a camera could be manufactured with LED instead of infra-red and YES they have come up with a 92 degree camera with 4 LED instead of infra-red.

The vision is a lot clearer and initial feed-back has been very positive. Pricing is the same and cameras can be easily swapped over.

please search the Dash Camera Observation System section and look for cwicam92LED

The End of Field Day Attendances

Hi All,

Just to let those of you who I regularly catch up with at the Wagin Woolorama and Dowerin Field Days know, that I will no longer be exhibiting at these events.

It has not been an easy decision to make, but for my health I believe it is the right one. (There is a lot of unseen heavy lifting involved in the preparation, organizing, setting up and then dismantling a Field Day Site)

I am finding that after attending these field days, it takes 2-4 weeks and a couple of visits to the medical profession to sort my back out and get my body on an even keel again.

I feel that I have reached the stage in my life when I don’t need that pain any more!!.

I am trusting that with my loyal dealer network through-out Australia that my business will continue to survive. Of course I welcome any and all phone calls and if you are in Perth, please feel free to call in.

Keep in touch and hope to see you soon. Cheers, Craig

Opportunity Cost?

With seeding in full swing around Australia what is the cost of a 18mt air seeder operating for 3 hrs with no seed being sown??

This happened to a client last night who has now purchased another screen and cameras to try and eliminate the chance of this happening again.

Is $1100.00 that big a cost to avoid this happening? What is the cost if this miss is not picked up until the crop emerges? Lost yield and weed competition reduces the camera cost even more.

Also today I had another client ring to purchase a couple of cables that over time have been damaged and needed replacing. He praised the cameras usefulness inside the seeder tanks for the time they saved when changing varieties and ensuring the system is working properly.

If in doubt please give me a ring on 0893352700 to discuss options and yes we do ship around Australia.

17 May 2019

Case STX Retro-Fit Lights

The new Retro-fit replacements lights for the earlier STX, Magnum and Patriot are selling extremely well with very positive feed-back on the amount of light they emit. There big plus is they put no extra load on the alternator and fit straight in, no need to manufacture brackets or extra wiring harness’s.

So much so that I had client ring this week that put a set in his 2009 435 STX and raved about them, he then realized how bad the rest of his lights were!! Another 8 lights dispatched to solve the problem. a mix of led8x5fl06 and led5x10fL03.

Thanks for the support and positive comments Andrew.

Agricultural Tools and Equipment

At Central Wheatbelt Imports, we supply agricultural tools and equipment that are quality and safety approved, at a fair price.

Read below for an overview of the products we have available. If you’d like more information, check out our Product Page.

Dash camera observation systems

The dash cams we supply make it easy to keep a visual eye on all machinery. As a machine operator, you have the ability to see what’s happening with your load or machinery, while in the driver’s seat. This not only improves safety but also saves times.

LED light bars and accessories

LED light bars and flood lights provide sustained, energy-efficient lighting solutions. They are suitable for a range of agricultural machinery such as spray equipment, tractors, trucks and more.

Snatch straps

Should your machinery get caught in muddy terrain, you need the best quality equipment to remedy the situation. Use snatch straps to recover farming machinery quickly and safely. We also supply bridal attachments and motion arrester restraint bags for increased safety and control.

Spray nozzles

We are the exclusive agent for one of the most established agricultural spray equipment manufacturers: Billericay Air Bubble Jet. These award-winning spray nozzles can be used on most sprayers in Australia.

Tridekon Crop Dividers

Tridekon Crop Dividers are suited for most self-propelled sprayers used in Australia. These crop dividers are easy to attach and reduce crop damage, paying for themselves in as little as one seasons work.

Whether you need agricultural machinery lighting solutions to improve safety and productivity or crop dividers to reduce crop damage, Central Wheatbelt Imports has the right products for you.

Contact us for more information on products, find out what stock is available, and to place orders. Simply complete the contact form, email, or give us a ring.


Phone: (08) 9335 2700

9005 90 degree globe and 35 watt ballast

conversion kit with out the thrills, just two globes and two ballast with no fancy packaging.

two 9005 35 watt 6000K globes with wires extruding at 90 degrees and two 35 watt 12 volt only ballast

dramatically improve your machinery lighting at a fraction of the cost

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