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Camera on end of Auger
Loading Grain Safely

We have been successfully supplying cameras for placement in Grain Bins for about 14 years now. Now with Wireless technology it is possible to place cameras on the end of Augers, up to 110 feet so far, and have a wireless screen run by a small battery [...]

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Burrum Buttock Hay Runners donation

Burrum Buttock Hay Runners Field days are a time when many look for a bargain. This year many of our farming and rural friends in the Eastern States are doing it tough. There are many agencies helping and we have decided to help the Burrum Buttock Hay [...]

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Fertiliser Streaming Nozzle
Fertilizer Streaming Nozzles

We have just dispatched a set of Trident Fertilizer Streaming Nozzles out to an existing client as for the last couple of days he has seen his neighbor out applying Flex-N (liquid Nitrogen) using our Fertilizer Streaming Nozzles, whilst their boom-spray h [...]

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GPFM Display
Agricultural Tools and Equipment

At Central Wheatbelt Imports, we supply agricultural tools and equipment that are quality and safety approved, at a fair price. Read below for an overview of the products we have available. If you’d like more information, check out our Product Page. [...]

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2 pieces of 9005 90 Degree 6000K globe and 2 pieces of 35 watt 12 volt ballast
9005 90 degree globe and 35 watt ballast

conversion kit with out the thrills, just two globes and two ballast with no fancy packaging. two 9005 35 watt 6000K globes with wires extruding at 90 degrees and two 35 watt 12 volt only ballast dramatically improve your machinery lighting at a fra [...]

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4 pcs led13x5fl and 2 pcs led13x5sp fitted to a JD9770 with a 42ft front, owner described light output as excellent.
JD Harvester Lights

We have just had a farmer from Central Queensland purchase the led13x5fl and led13x5sp lights for one of his JD9770's. They installed them, did one nights work and rang up and ordered two more sets for his other two machines. They were very impressed with [...]

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led 24x10 cree curved lightbar all spot beam fitted to 660STX
Good lighting equals less bogging, true story

With last years wet start to the year in mind, it reminds me of one client running two air-seeder units, different widths so working in different pieces as to why the smaller machine was bogging more than the larger machine durin g the night shift. It [...]

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