Our offices will be open most days during January, quite possibly for reduced hours so if planning on calling in whilst you are in Perth, please give Craig a ring on 0417967696 to lock in a time.

We received a container of stock on 6th of December with another on the water, so all but a couple of lines of products are on hand.

We stock a few differing lengths of Snatch Straps and can usually have any sizes manufactured within a day or two.

If considering Tridekon Crop Dividers this year, PLEASE do not leave ordering to late, the middle of June is a good time!!

Cameras with LED in-built, YES

Yes, here at Central Wheatbelt Imports, we do listen!! I have had a couple of clients mention over time that visibility inside some steel air-seeder tanks has not been the greatest. I mentioned this to our factory and asked if a camera could be manufactur [...]

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The End of Field Day Attendances

Hi All, Just to let those of you who I regularly catch up with at the Wagin Woolorama and Dowerin Field Days know, that I will no longer be exhibiting at these events. It has not been an easy decision to make, but for my health I believe it is the r [...]

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Opportunity Cost?

With seeding in full swing around Australia what is the cost of a 18mt air seeder operating for 3 hrs with no seed being sown?? This happened to a client last night who has now purchased another screen and cameras to try and eliminate the chance of thi [...]

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Case STX Retro-Fit Lights

The new Retro-fit replacements lights for the earlier STX, Magnum and Patriot are selling extremely well with very positive feed-back on the amount of light they emit. There big plus is they put no extra load on the alternator and fit straight in, no need [...]

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Loading Grain Safely

We have been successfully supplying cameras for placement in grain tipping bins for about 15 years now. Now with Wireless technology it is possible to place a camera on the end of an Auger, up to 110 foot Auger so far, and stay on the ground watching t [...]

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Fertilizer Streaming Nozzles

We have just dispatched a set of Trident Fertilizer Streaming Nozzles out to an existing client as for the last couple of days he has seen his neighbor out applying Flex-N (liquid Nitrogen) using our Fertilizer Streaming Nozzles, whilst their boom-spray h [...]

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Agricultural Tools and Equipment

At Central Wheatbelt Imports, we supply agricultural tools and equipment that are quality and safety approved, at a fair price. Read below for an overview of the products we have available. If you’d like more information, check out our Product Page. [...]

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