Agricultural Tools and Equipment

At Central Wheatbelt Imports, we supply agricultural tools and equipment that are quality and safety approved, at a fair price.

Read below for an overview of the products we have available. If you’d like more information, check out our Product Page.

Dash camera observation systems

The dash cams we supply make it easy to keep a visual eye on all machinery. As a machine operator, you have the ability to see what’s happening with your load or machinery, while in the driver’s seat. This not only improves safety but also saves times.

LED light bars and accessories

LED light bars and flood lights provide sustained, energy-efficient lighting solutions. They are suitable for a range of agricultural machinery such as spray equipment, tractors, trucks and more.

Snatch straps

Should your machinery get caught in muddy terrain, you need the best quality equipment to remedy the situation. Use snatch straps to recover farming machinery quickly and safely. We also supply bridal attachments and motion arrester restraint bags for increased safety and control.

Spray nozzles

We are the exclusive agent for one of the most established agricultural spray equipment manufacturers: Billericay Air Bubble Jet. These award-winning spray nozzles can be used on most sprayers in Australia.

Tridekon Crop Dividers

Tridekon Crop Dividers are suited for most self-propelled sprayers used in Australia. These crop dividers are easy to attach and reduce crop damage, paying for themselves in as little as one seasons work.

Whether you need agricultural machinery lighting solutions to improve safety and productivity or crop dividers to reduce crop damage, Central Wheatbelt Imports has the right products for you.

Contact us for more information on products, find out what stock is available, and to place orders. Simply complete the contact form, email, or give us a ring.


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