Beware the snake oil salesman

Beware the snake oil salesman

It is disappointing to hear of people spending good money and not receiving what they expect.

I have recently had a phone call from Brian in NSW who had just spent in excess of $4000 on 4 lightbars on his 3185 Fastrac used to pull a 20 mt BoomSpray. His problem, he could not see the end of his booms! He had purchased the LightBars from and had them fitted by his local auto electrician. He did have plenty of light, but most off the light was not were it was needed. I did feel very sorry for him and disappointed.

We have supplied lights to plenty of boomspray operators, for less than half of what Brian spent, for tractors towing booms twice as wide and going 10km hr faster with more useable light being produced!!.

The second operator to contact me, Matt, purchased a cheap lightbar off ebay for his harvester with a 36ft front. The ebay purchased lightbar did not produce the amount of light expected, approx. a third of the light compared to a similar size CWI LightBar, but also some of the diodes had failed and Matt was not even sure what LED chips were in the light he had purchased (CREE are a lot brighter and so more efficient than other LED Chips). The main problem here is, is the lightbar  is still drawing current from an already over stretched alternator and not producing the light expected but more importantly Matt had no way to return the light for warranty. A good manufacturer will supply product with less than 1% fail rate and if by chance there is a problem, he will fix the problem!!

We constantly test the lights we sell to ensure we are recommending the correct light for the job. Central Wheatbelt Imports has a good repour with all our manufacturers and we are constantly on the lookout for new and more efficient Lighting packages.

I can remember asking our manufacturer in late 2011 for a curved lightbar and they laughed at me, look what we have now!!