Harvester Lights

Our phone is running hot at this time of the year for lights to increase vision for night time operations, especially on older harvesters. With these machines I do try and encourage owners to replace original power hungry lights rather than just add lights. LED lights are very power efficient and in a lot of instances will provide 5 times more light and use a third of the power of a standard light.

If you need distance light a LightBar will be very efficient at supplying this sort of light.

Another power hungry operation is opening the chaff cart door, ensure that you are running the best lights for your machine.

We often see photos of harvesters with 4 0r 6 lights added to the roof with the owner stating that the alternator is overloaded, this is understandable and replacing the alternator is not always the best solution. Please ring Craig on 0893352700 to discuss your requirements. We are more than happy to recommend a package for you to order thru your local dealer if you prefer.