interesting week??

interesting week??

I have had an interesting week so far.

Started with an Agronomist who was recommended by one of his clients to call in and see me, re some new driving lights for his crew-cab. He had hit a bird whilst driving and broken the brackets that were part of the integral brackets holding the cheap lightbar on that he had purchased of e-bay, hence no more lightbar!!. He then purchased a pair of 9×10 LED spots as replacement.

Today, I had a client who had purchased a pair of 12×10 2 row lightbars for his ute at Newdegate Field Days last year. He smacked a big roo, which folded the bullbar back onto his bonnet but was able to keep driving. The 12 x 10 two row lightbars, what happened to them?? bent one of two brackets on each light that bolt them down, and still working!! wish I had a photo!!

Our lights maybe a bit dearer than e-bay lights, but I know there is a reason why!!