Radio Interference

Radio Interference

I have received great feed-back from one client that was experiencing buzzing on his am/fm radio when the new LED lights he fitted to the roof of his tractor were turned on. The fact he had interference at all surprised me.

As it turned out it was a simple fix, he lifted the roof, moved the power wire supplying the lights away from the radio antennae wire, they were touching, even thou still sheathed and the problem was solved, no more buzzing. He had installed the same lights on his harvester in 2014 with no issues.

We are also waiting on stock of Clip On Ferrite Core Rings. These clip on the power wire as close as possible to the light and are designed to reduce radio interference.

I am unsure if this will work with HID Lights?

If you have come across any other “Fixes” please share them, , Thanks