Stay in control while shifting grain

Stay in control while shifting grain

Stay in control while shifting grain

With harvest 2011 almost upon us Central Wheatbelt Imports
principal, Craig Gorfin has been fielding questions and supplying Dash Camera
Observation kits and HID and LED lighting equipment throughout Australia.

The new generation LED LightBars have taken off and sold
out, with Craig impatiently waiting for more stock to arrive. Light output is
difficult to explain until night time falls when these LightBars talk for

With overseas laws prohibiting operators from shining lights
outside their boundaries, modern equipment has great lighting for 30-40 metres
but after that it is difficult to distinguish anything.  Central Wheatbelt Imports can supply lights
that will light up half a hillside, not such a bad option with a 45 foot header
front munching through crops at 12-14 kilometres per hour!!.

With big headers, a lot of grain has to be moved quickly.
Central Wheatbelt Imports has all the cabling, including suzie cables to easily
fit camera systems in a road train. It is not uncommon for operators with a
camera system in each trailer achieving a 10-15minutetime saving per load when
loading two trailers by themselves. This over a day is sometimes the difference
in shifting another load to the bin, big dollar savings in a tough economic

Camera observation kits are also installed in the chaser bin
tractors to enable drivers to unload safely and precisely with a camera mounted
on the end of the auger, a good option to save the operator leaving the tractor
seat to check on bin levels.

Craig has also seen a rise in demand for cameras to be
installed in engine bays of harvesters, especially in crops where dust can
accumulate and create a fire hazard.

For more information please do not hesitate to give Craig a
call and discuss your requirements on 08 9284 7600.


This chaser bin driver can accurately and safely load this
truck and trailer without leaving the operators seat with a 7in Dash Cam
Observation system installed.