Wireless antennae wire signal issues

Wireless antennae wire signal issues

I have had a call from one of our customers (thanks Chad) who experienced issues whilst installing a wireless camera in the seed tank on his tow behind air cart.

He installed the screen in the tractor and camera at the top of the grain tank pointing down at the roller with the external antennae sitting at the front of the air-cart with the cable just looped outside the air cart. He checked that everything was working OK and he had a clear picture and a full 4 bars of signal on his screen.

He then went back, tidied up and coiled the excess antennae cable up tightly and cabled tied it neatly up.

On re-entering the cab, he noticed that the signal had dropped to one bar and then dropped out entirely. He scratched his head, thought what the …., and went back and cut the cable ties and let the antennae wire loop over the side of the bin and when he re-checked he had a full signal again. The machine is now operating perfectly with the antennae wire looped up but not tied tightly together.

I have spoken to a couple of other owners about this issue and it appears to be intermittent and related to how tightly the excess wire is coiled and cabled tied tightly together.

If any-one else is having issues with their wireless camera systems, please give me a ring.