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Dash cams & reversing cameras for the mining & agricultural sectors


Monitoring Machinery on the go with Cameras, improves safety & productivity

Central Wheatbelt Imports has played an instrumental role in bringing machinery observation cameras like the dash cam into the Australian workplace. We identified a need for these surveillance mechanisms and helped bring them down under.

We have worked closely with the same manufacturer for the last eleven years to ensure we have a product that will survive the harsh Australian climate.

Today, our dash cams and reversing cameras are used extensively throughout the agricultural, mining, trucking and industrial sectors. With more than eleven years’ experience in supplying camera observation equipment and vehicle monitoring cameras to Australian industries, we can offer you the best products and correct advice to ensure you gain the most from your camera observation equipment.

One big advantage of our cameras is that they can be placed inside an air-seeder tank, with excellent results. No matter what your monitor shows you, there is nothing like seeing inside the grain tank to ensure the job is being done properly.

These camera monitoring systems offer genuine time savings and provide increased safety for your operators by providing more information at the operator’s fingertips.

Now, your driver won’t have to stop the machine to check grain reserves, he can simply keep an eye on the levels via the camera and stop to refill only when necessary. This saves your driver energy and time, and over a period of time, will amount to significant savings for your business.

The range of applications where these cameras can be used is limited only by your imagination.

Some common applications for dash cams:

  • Allows you to see inside air seeder tanks
  • Monitors the loading and unloading of semi-tippers of grain, sand fertilizer etc.(wireless camera on mother bin auger and screen in prime mover cab)
  • Reversing trailers onto augers
  • Vision of air seeder bars behind the air seeder cart or pointing a camera directly at a blockage point
  • Harvester engine bay, grain tank and chaff cart observation
  • Chaser bins including the end of the auger or at the rear when transporting down roads
  • Monitoring multi spreader belts
  • Hay baling operations
  • Engine bays
  • Rear vision on maintenance vehicles
  • Monitoring horses in floats and stock trucks
  • Farm ute for quickly hitching up to fuel tankers, feed out trailers etc.

As a family owned business with many years’ experience in the farming industry, we are well placed to supply both the agriculture and mining sectors with a range of reversing and vehicle monitoring cameras.

For more information about our safety and observation cameras, call Central Wheatbelt Imports on (08) 9335 2700.