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Hi, we are currently experiencing “out of stock” on a number of camera products. We have had a container sitting in the port of Singapore for two weeks awaiting shipping to Fremantle. We are unsure when we will receive but are hoping for delivery between 3-10 November. Please email your enquiry and we will keep you advised and deliver when we can. 

Agriculture Camera Systems: Specialist Dash Camera Observation Systems for the Farming & Heavy Machinery Industry

At Central Wheatbelt Imports, we specialise in the supply of reliable, high-quality agricultural machinery cameras to the farming and heavy machinery industries across Australia.

We are proud to have played an instrumental role in bringing market-leading machinery observation cameras into Australia and promoting these products to the Australian agricultural industry.

From a farming background ourselves, we identified a need for premium-quality front and rear observation camera systems on our own property and have worked closely with the same manufacturer for the past 15 years, to ensure we have a reliable farm machinery camera product line that will survive in the harsh Australian climate.

Tractor Dash Cams & Reversing Cameras for Heavy Machinery

Our dash cams and reversing cameras are used extensively throughout the Australian agricultural sector. These camera monitoring systems save time and increase safety and productivity for your operators, by providing them with more information at their fingertips whilst keeping the wheels rolling.

We can supply cable or wireless systems, as well as water-proof screens. All our cameras are IP68 water and dust proof.

  • IP68 Water-Proof
  • IP68 Dust-Proof
  • Durable
  • East Installation
  • Market-Leading Technology

We offer a large range of products including Screens, cables, harness’s and all our cameras bar one have infra-red as standard and this camera has LED lighting for use inside air-cart tanks.

Dash Cam Accessories

In addition to dash cams, we have in store a comprehensive array of adaptor cables to run our versatile rugged cameras on a whole range of screens already fitted in your tractor cabs.

You can purchase aerial extensions for wireless backup camera systems for truck and trailer setups. There are also independent battery packs available, as well as cables, connectors, adapters, mounting brackets and magnetic bases.

So, whether you’re looking for a dash cam reversing camera combo, or a simple in-dash rear-view camera, look no further! Explore our diverse online product range, or contact us for advice on the best product to suit your needs.

The placement and uses of our dash cams is only limited by your imagination.

Take a look at our other products available and kit out your farm with equipment that enhances efficiency, productivity, and sustainability.

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