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HID globes are long lasting & energy efficient

HID light kits, upgrade kits and spare parts

While we stock a large range of HID globes, we also carry upgrade kits and accessories for specific farm machinery models, including JD, CIH and New Holland.

If you are a farmer, we can save you hundreds of dollars by installing CWI globe and ballast combinations in your failed HID Lights. Our HID upgrade Kit contains all you need to double the light output from your existing light, while reducing the power consumption on your vehicle’s alternator. Remember, most HID globes are slightly longer than halogen globes, so ensure your lens/reflector is large enough to accommodate it. Please be advised that some of these globes may not suit some plastic lens/reflector combinations. Kits are available in 12, 24 or multi-volt options.

An HID globe can last up to 10x longer than halogen bulbs, meaning you need to replace less globes, less often for night time work. These HID lights and globes also drain less of your vehicle’s battery power, as they consume over 30% less energy than halogens. Additionally, HID bulbs produce less heat, making them a greener lighting option that avoids wasteful emissions.

With our assortment of HID light kits, globes and upgrade kits, you do not have to look any further than CWI for all your lighting and globe needs. When you use HID, you get more light for less money and you are being kinder to the planet.

If you have specific globe requirements, please call Craig on 0417 967 696. We will probably have that you’re looking for in stock, and if not, we will source it.

Our HID upgrade kits are effective and competitively priced and will help you light your way for years to come.

For more information about our lighting upgrade kits and parts, contact Central Wheatbelt Imports on (08) 9335 2700.