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HID driving Lights for on & off road vehicles & machines

HID spot lights provide additional lighting power for your night time driving needs

HID driving lights are widely regarded as the best lighting for all on and off-road vehicles and machinery. The additional lighting power that HIDs provide is more powerful and provide brighter light, perfect to help you avoid road hazards and animals, plus assist with reducing driver fatigue.

HID (High-Intensity Discharge) lights are a new type of headlight that first appeared on luxury vehicles in the 90’s. Regular halogen headlights use a filament like regular bulbs and give off a slightly yellowish light, while HID headlights work more like fluorescent lights, creating an intense blue-white light. The advantage of this bluer light is that it’s closer to natural daylight than the light from halogen bulbs, thereby providing far better night-time visibility. If you often drive on unlit roads, or operate machinery at night, HID spot lights can mean a big improvement in safety, and they look cool too.

If you work in the agricultural, trucking or mining sectors, where effective lighting is essential for the safety of your workers, HID work lights are a critical component of providing a safe and efficient work place. HIDs’ can help to create a safer environment by providing more light output per watt of electricity input, thereby illuminating larger areas for less cost. For farmers and machine operators, they provide improved safety, efficiency and productivity.

With an extensive knowledge of HID’s we can recommend a lighting package to suit your machinery/vehicle requirements.

Benefits of HID Lighting

  • Improved safety
  • Higher work rates – less fatigue
  • Lower repairs and maintenance
  • Less expenditure
  • Low power requirements

Central Wheatbelt Imports stock only internal ballast, fully integrated HID lights to ensure easy fitment and increased safety over lights with external ballast. In many cases, we have operated machinery with a combination of our HIDs fitted, so we can offer experienced-based advice as to the correct light for your requirements.

We provide the HID lights Australia works and plays with, increasing safety and efficiency at night. We also supply a range of HID globes for your convenience.

Light your way with CWI’s HID Lighting solutions, call us on (08) 9335 2700.

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