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LED Lights are a green and durable lighting solution

LED Lights are an environmentally friendly, durable lighting solution that last longer and are cheaper in the long run than regular halogen lighting. At Central Wheatbelt Imports, we supply a range of Cree LED lights and new Retro Fit Cree LED Lights, which we can personally recommend.

We spend considerable time testing lights to ensure we supply the best value for money lights that we can find. Testing is done in the country usually on non moon nights to accurately gauge the amount of use-able light supplied. Quiet often lights are mounted on machinery so as we can gauge this.

Great care is taken to ensure lights do not interfere with radios and GPS but every now and then we come across a machine that will throw a curve ball at us.

We ship our range of LED light bars and LED agricultural machinery lighting throughout Australia and are confident that we can supply you with a LED lighting package that will meet your needs.

Our LED Lights are great value-for-money and all are manufactured with the correct EMC compliance to eliminate electrical interference that will interfere with radio and GPS signals.

Contact us to find out more about our LED lighting products by completing our contact form. You can also phone (08) 9335 2700, or email sales@cwimports.com.au to place an order.

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