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Exclusive importer and distributor of the Billericay Air Bubble Jet. Please refer to the nozzle calculator on http://www.bfs.uk.com/ to find the best nozzle for your speed and application rates. Central Wheatbelt Imports is Australia’s exclusive importer and distributor of the award winning Billericay Air Bubble Jet, the internationally renowned and industry-leading range of air induction nozzles. Manufactured in Britain, these precision made spray nozzles are suitable for most sprayers and have been awarded the Local Environment Risk Assessment for Pesticides (LERAP) highest level, 3-star rating for drift control in the UK. Why choose Billericay air bubble jets? The liquid being sprayed passes through a removable tapered nozzle (Venturi), which sucks in around 8 to 12% of air into each spray droplet. The emitted droplets then explode on impact with the target to produce a coverage that is similar to conventional finer sprays, with virtually no fine drift. Advantages:

  • Produces an even band of spray droplets to improve chemical coverage
  • Enhances chemical efficacy
  • Extends the spraying day window
  • Reduces drift dramatically

We now have a spray tank in operation at our business premises, contact us or visit us at Unit 5 / 136 Stirling Highway, North Fremantle, for a demo. You’ll be impressed when you see the effectiveness of this system. Available in a range of 9 different nozzle sizes from 010 to 060, the Billericay Air Bubble Jet is a must-have spray nozzle for every Australian farmer and contractor. We have knowledgeable and experienced staff on hand to attend to all your needs, offering professional advice on anything you need to know about spray nozzles. For more information about our Spray Nozzles, contact Central Wheatbelt Imports on (08) 9335 2700.