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Air induction spray nozzles

Central Wheatbelt Imports are leading suppliers of various spray nozzle types to the Australian agricultural industry.

We are Australia’s exclusive importer and distributor of the award-winning Billericay Air Bubble Jet. Invented and produced by UK-based Billericay Farm Services (BFS) – market-leading agricultural spray nozzle manufacturers – Billericay spray nozzles are suitable for most sprayers. They have been awarded a 3-star rating for drift control in the UK, which is the highest level of drift control with the Local Environment Risk Assessment for Pesticides (LERAP).

You can contact us for more information and advice on the best agricultural spray nozzles in Australia.

Why Choose Billericay Air Bubble Jets?

The new PulZar agricultural spray nozzle tips are the perfect nozzle replacement for your Pulse Width Modulation system. These nozzles can reduce drift by 75% over standard nozzles.

The Billericay Air Bubble Jet has several advantages over other spray nozzles. The innovative Venturi system will suck in around 8% to 12% of air into each spray droplet. This produces on average a larger more condensed spray droplet whilst allowing coverage that’s similar to finer sprays, but with virtually no fine drift.

Boomless Spray Nozzles

Explore our range of agricultural herbicide / pesticide spray nozzle types, or contact us for guidance on which product would best suit your needs. With our background in farming and advanced product knowledge, we are well-equipped to assist you.