JD GS3 2630 adapter harness, code; cwicabgs3

Product Range Dash Camera Observation Systems JD GS3 2630 adapter harness, code; cwicabgs3
JD2630 Screen camera in Bourgault Bin and Canola

This adapter cable is made exclusively for Central Wheatbelt Imports for the JD GS3  2630 screen

Enables users to run up to three Central Wheatbelt Imports well proven camera’s on your guidance system screen

Multi pin plug to plug into 2630 screen and also cables to connect to in-cab power source

approx 1.5mt long

Photo supplied by client running an Bourgault Bin whilst seeding canola, he is really impressed by quality of image produced and says it just takes guess work of how much canola or any other seed is left in tank