240 Watt 2 Row CREE LED LightBar, code; ledlb24x10/2row

Product Range LED Light Bars 240 Watt 2 Row CREE LED LightBar, code; ledlb24x10/2row
ledlb24x10 2 Row Lightbar
ledlb24x10 2 Row Lightbarledlb24x10-spt.jpg24-X-10-LightBar.jpgSTX500-close-up-24×10.jpg

24 x 10 watt Cree LED LightBar 2 Rows of 10 Watt Cree LED producing 20640 Lumen, Cast Alloy construction with PCCM lens Four mounting feet 9 -32 Volt Input, 17.4 amp draw at 12 volt

Ensure when fitting the LightBar that adequate power, wiring and relays are used during installation. Any under current or low power supply  to your LightBar will result in the LightBar light flickering, some diodes not working and subsequent internal damage to LightBar resulting in you warranty being void. It is highly recommended that you employ a qualified auto-electrician to install any electrical components on your machinery and vehicles.

H 105mm, W 517mm, D 91mm, 3895 grams

Night time photos are only provided as an indication of light produced, height placement on machinery will vary light quality along with a photographers skill or lack there off!!.