25 and 50cm LED Glo Sphere Ball

Product Range Specials 25 and 50cm LED Glo Sphere Ball
LED Glo Sphere Ball floating in pool
LED Glo Sphere Ball floating in poolled-power.jpgled-glo-orange.jpgled-glo-lilac.jpgled-glo-induction.jpgled-glo-blue.jpg

The Glo Sphere Balls are easy to operate with new induction plate charging technology. Place the balls on the induction plate for easy charging.  Once charged they will glo for up to 10hrs, depending on the mode they are run on and can be placed anywhere you need them such as floating on the pool, in the garden on the lawn or when placed on table tops just set in soft white mode.

The Glow Sphere Balls are available in diameters of 25cm or 50cm

Your Glo Ball comes with an infrared remote control so as you can decide how your Glow Sphere Ball will operate. The most popular setting is softly changing color automatically, continuously.

Colors include red, blue, green, yellow, white, pink purple and variations in between or set on any color for soft light

Available only by pick-up at our warehouse or phone for pricing for post or courier pick ups

25cm were $169.00, NOW $77.00,  50cm were $249.00 NOW $132.00