60 Watt Amber Flash Rotating Light, code: ledamb60x1

Product Range LED Lights and Accessories 60 Watt Amber Flash Rotating Light, code: ledamb60x1
60 Watt amber flashing light
60 Watt amber flashing lightledamb30x1 switchledamb30x1 cpledamb30x1 baseled60x1Amber sideled60x1amber

New style LED Amber Flashing Light. 60 pcs 1 watt CREE LED, flashing in pods of 6 in a flash pattern that increases the lights effectiveness.

With the extremely low profile this light sits on 4 legs with 4 magnets per leg so will stay stuck on your roof.

Heavy duty cigarette lighter plug has on-off switch including red light illuminating when in operation. Also has switch for 12 pattern flash’s, unit will remember flashing sequence when re-powered.

New Western Australian legislation requires a minimum of 24 watt output for escorting over size loads, please check your relevant states legislation before purchase

430 by 220 mm wide and just 45mm high, weighing 1.95kg