60 Watt CREE LED Spot Light, code; led6X10sp

Product Range LED Lights and Accessories 60 Watt CREE LED Spot Light, code; led6X10sp
led6x10 spotlight
led6x10 spotlight6-X-10-LEDs-on-Predator.jpg6-X-10-LED-Spot-on-Cruiser.jpg6-X-10-Watt-LED-Spot-side.jpg6-X-10-Watt-LED-side.jpg60-X-10-Watt-LED-back.jpgled-6×10-pair.jpg

6pcs 10 watt Cree LED Chip in a aluminum die-cast body

A good all round machine light suitable for vehicle and machinery driving lights, produce a spot with a big ball of light around the spot, unlike HID Spots that are a definite spot.

Also being used as replacement lights for machinery when over 60 foot seeding bars are being pulled. the spot of light really penetrates through the tynes.

producing 5400 lumen with a 5.4 Amp current draw at 12volt, 2.5 Amp draw 24 volt, 9-32 volt

Anti vibration dampener mounting bracket well built and solidly constructed light

135mm wide, 150mm High, 124mm Deep, 2500grams

Night time photos are only provided as an indication of light produced, height placement on machinery will vary light quality along with a photographers skill or lack there off!!.