60 Watt Blue LED, code; led12x5Blu

Product Range LED Lights and Accessories 60 Watt Blue LED, code; led12x5Blu
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These lights have one purpose, to illuminate Boom Spray nozzle spray patterns in low light and total darkness.

Manufactured with 12 pieces of 5 watt CREE LED with a 8 degree spot diff-user.

We are receiving great feed-back from users of this light, the main one being “it takes the guess work out of night time spraying!!”, a cheap investment to do that.

Just two lights required per machine, place light in front of the boom arm by 10-50cm and just below the bottom of the boom pointing outwards. If a hydraulic lift boom, attach to the boom arm so as you raise the boom the light moves with the boom. Do not mount light behind boom spray nozzles.

PRICE QUOTED IS FOR ONE LIGHT, TWO LIGHTS ARE REQUIRED, one for shining out each side and we have fitted them on sprayers up to 55 metre wide with great results!!

10-30 volt input, 4.8 amp Draw, 4500 Lumen, Deutch Plug, Integrated – Epoxy encapsulated, PC(Poly carbonate) lens, Aluminum alloy die casting housing, 304 stainless brackets.

125mm H, 150mm W, 100mm D, 1560 Grams