Case Replacement light, code; LED36X5-1801

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Case STX Magnum Patriot Light 90Watt

Replacement light for Case STX, Patriot and Magnum 2009-2018, designed to fit straight in and replace middle bank of lights.

36pcs 5W CREE XTE LEDs Producing 13500 Lumen

Die-cast aluminum housingĀ  with PC lens + Stainless screws.

3 pieces of 9005 connector plugs

OEM Part Numbers 87455676, 87455677 & 87308895

With the more lights we sell we are now finding that some tractors have slightly different front ends and may require some small tweaking to fit individual lights. It does seem to be just the side lights with the biggest issue fouling with the hydraulic cooling pipes which need to be re-aligned or a small amount to be ground off the rear of the light cooling fins.