65 Watt CREE LED Flood Light, code; led13x5fl

Product Range LED Lights and Accessories 65 Watt CREE LED Flood Light, code; led13x5fl
led13x5flled13x5fl fsled13x5fl rrled13x5fl ssled13x5flled13x5fl 60mtled15x3fl in JD9770JD 9770 fitted with 4 pcs 65 watt floodJD9770 with 4 HID Fitted

Great replacement light for all oval HID and Halogen lights. Suitable not only for John Deere but also the new Versatile as they are fitted with the 9005 plug and are the same size as standard lights on JD. They are proving to be a really popular flood light for replacement of work lights on all sizes of machinery.

We had a farmer from Central Queensland purchase these lights for one of his 9770’s installed them, did one nights work and rang up and ordered more for his other two machines. Very impressed with quality and the amount of light produced and the big comment was that “they now they had no shadows!!”

Fitted with the 9005 which is the same plugs as on JD Harvesters for ease of fitment.

For harvesters and swathers our recommendation will be 4 flood and two spot will be a great combination. Yes they are the same size as the oval lights on the 9670/9780 series JD Harvesters, but that is where the comparison starts and stops re light out-put. We actually retro-fitted a JD9770 already fitted with the JD HID upgrade package with 4 pieces of led13x5fl in the paddock at night-time during the last harvest. The results were immediately evident with a much brighter light which was easier on the eyes with better distance and more importantly no radio interference from the HID!! the operator was extremely grateful!!

13pcs of 5w high intensity CREE XTE LED producing 5220 lumen at 5500K which provides light out to about 35-40 meters with a 65 degree spread.

4.9 Amp draw at 12 volt, 9-32 volt

Suited for all machinery were a bright even light is required out to about 35-40 meters

IP67 water and dust proof rate

Die-cast aluminum housing with PC Lens with stainless steel mounting bracket

165mm Wide, 143mm High, 87mm deep, 1060 Grams

Night time photos are a guide only

John Deere OEM Part Number; RE181281, AH212522, AH212575

Versatile OEM Part Number; 86032525, 86038019