90 Watt CREE LED Spot Light, code; led9x10SP02 Driving Lights

Product Range LED Lights and Accessories 90 Watt CREE LED Spot Light, code; led9x10SP02 Driving Lights
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9 pcs 10 watt CREE LED in specially designed reflectors for maximum illumination and penetration.

Receiving great feed-back from clients who are using these lights as driving lights on vehicles, producing good illumination out past 250 meters with enough side light to see through the fence on both sides

Ensure when fitting your LED Lights that adequate power, wiring and relays are used during installation. Any under current or low power supply  to your Light will result in the Light light flickering, some diodes not working and subsequent internal damage to  your Light resulting in you warranty being void. It is highly recommended that you employ a qualified auto-electrician to install any electrical components on your machinery and vehicles.

10-30 volt input, 7740 lumen, 6.12 amp draw
IP 68, Color Temperature: 6000K
Die-cast aluminum housing with PC Lens

priced per single unit

Weight; 2.53kg, width; 178mm, height; 17mm, depth; 87mm