45 Watt BLUE LED, code; led9x5Blu

Product Range LED Lights and Accessories 45 Watt BLUE LED, code; led9x5Blu
led9x5blu ntled9x5Blu fsled9x5Blu rrled9x5Blu ssled9x5blu mounted on JDled9x5blu mount on AgrifacBlu LED for night spraying vision
$176.00 Save Price $11.00 From $187.00

These lights are especially designed to concentrate the light into a dedicated spot to have maximum light on the spray pattern. Manufacture with 9 pieces of 5 watt CREE LED with a 5 degree spot diff-user to illuminate spray pattern on boomsprays during night-time and low light situations.

We are receiving great feed-back from users of this light, the main one being “it takes the guess work out of night time spraying!!”, a cheap investment to do that.

I have also been advised by one fertilizer spreading contractor who has fitted these to his spreaders that these blue led lights really illuminate product throw in dark and gloomy conditions.

Just two lights required per machine, place light in front of the boom arm by 10-50cm and just below the bottom of the boom pointing outwards. If a hydraulic lift boom, attach to the boom arm so as you raise the boom the light moves with the boom. Do not mount light behind boom spray nozzles.

PRICE QUOTED IS FOR ONE LIGHT, TWO LIGHTS ARE REQUIRED, one for shining out each side!! More than ample light for up 36 metre booms, if wider we suggest the 60 watt light be purchased.

3.4amp draw at 12 volt, 3800 Lumen

125mm Wide, 135mm High, 93mm deep, 1500 Grams