80 Watt CREE Flood Light, led8x10fl-7080

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80 Watt LED Replacement Work Light
80 Watt LED Replacement Work Lightled8x10-7080led8x10-7080led8x10 lled8x10FL rCL CLAAS led8x10led8x10-7080led8x10-7080led8x10-7080CL Claas 8x10_LIled8x10-0807

These new 80 watt LED flood lights have been extensively tested on the front window pillars on a JD8295R since July 2019 and have thrown no codes. This tractor has been pulling a 36mt boomspray, in a hectic hay and straw program as well as chaser bin duties, so a decent work out.

8 pieces of 10 watt CREE LED producing 80 Watt output, lights out to about 70 metres in a 120 degree flood, 6.25amp draw at 12V, 9-32 volt input, IP68.

176mm Wide, 123mm High, 75mm deep 1174 Grams

Fitted with 2 input plugs, D2 on light and a short adapter cable with a 9005 plug fitted to suit John Deere.

I highly recommend this light to anyone thinking of upgrading their around cab machinery lighting.

I have seen these lights in action and just wish our old 855 Versatile and  3185 Fastrac had these fitted!! CG

Night time photos are only provided as an indication of light produced, height placement on machinery will vary light quality along with a photographers skill or lack there off!!.