80 Watt CREE Flood Light, led8x10fl-7080

Product Range LED Lights and Accessories 80 Watt CREE Flood Light, led8x10fl-7080
led8x10fl-7080led8x10 lled8x10FL r

Now in stock, these new 80 watt flood lights which have been extensively tested on the front window pillars on a JD8295R since July last year and have thrown no codes. This tractor has been pulling a 36mt boomspray, in hectic hay and straw program and chaser bin duties, so a decent work out.

8 pieces of 10 watt CREE LED producing 80 Watt output, lights out to about 45 metres in a 110 degree flood, 6.25amp draw at 12V, 9-32 volt input, IP68

Fitted with 2 input plugs, D2 on light and cable with 9005 plug.

now in stock