7in Waterproof Wireless Quad screen, code ; cwi7wlwp

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7in Water Proof wireless screen
7in Water Proof wireless screenwaterproof screen and wlmbr camera

Just arrived a new design waterproof screen. A great way to help in the loading of silos for on farm storage with a wireless camera on the end of the auger and using our 18000amp Hr battery to run screen. This set up will certainly aid in lining up augers over silo lids and seeing grain levels rise during the loading operation.

Can also be used for loading grain trucks and trailers.

This screen will connect to both the wireless cameras we currently supply.

Screen has almost identical functions as the wireless screen with the two external antennae with connectivity reduced slightly.

2.4G Digital 7in Wireless Color LCD Monitor IP 69.

I would recommend that the screen be protected from heavy rain to be safe.