STX, Magnum and Patriot Replacement Headlight, led24x5-1201

Product Range Retrofit LED Machinery Lighting STX, Magnum and Patriot Replacement Headlight, led24x5-1201
STX LED headlight upgrade
STX LED headlight upgradeled24x5-1201led24x5-1201led24x5-1201 backled24x5-1201 top rearled24x5-1201LED in STXSTX hlight

Replacement Light for Case STX 2002-2010, Magnum Tractors 2002-2008 and Patriots. Fits straight into the front middle light on these tractors. Most of these old lights are running a very expensive HID Globe and Ballast which is still very inefficient in supplying use-able light. Easily fitted, we took about 15 minutes to swap light over and were blown away by the amount of light being produced.

This light is designed to run on High Beam only in a flood beam pattern and features 24 pieces of 5 Watt CREE LED, 120 watt output producing 9000 Lumen at 5500-6000K. Manufactured with a die-cast aluminum housing + PC lens.

Tree in photo is approx 80 metre away. The new side lights (120 Watt Each) produce even more light than we imagined, transforming the lighting on these tractors.

OEM Part Numbers, 232454A2, 232455A2

Being supplied exclusively to Central Wheatbelt Imports in Australia by our manufacturer.

Night time photos are only provided as an indication of light produced, height placement on machinery will vary light quality along with a photographers skill or lack there off!!.