Case Combine Replacement Light, Code; led13x5-0653

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Case Combine replacement LED Lights

Upgrade your early 7, 8 and 9000 series Case Harvester Cabs Lighting with these extremely bright 65 watt CREE LED Flood lights.

It is an easy operation to swap lights over, with the 4 mounting lugs in the correct position and with the same 9005 plug fitted as on the combines. Cheaper than replacing or upgrading to HID lighting and without the annoying buzz created by HID.

These lights will provide at least double the light from existing HID lights.

They are based on a well proven flood light lens and reflector.

Producing 4800 lumen per light with a 4.9 Amp draw.

158mm wide, 110mm high, 80mm deep and weighing 754 grams each.

OEM Part Numbers: 87106353