Case 2388 Extreme Upgrade, Code; led2388Ext

Product Range Retrofit LED Machinery Lighting Case 2388 Extreme Upgrade, Code; led2388Ext
led12x5-0609led12x5 0609 frled12x5-0609LED16x3flCase 2388 Adjustable Headlights

This kit is suitable for all case 21, 23 and 25 series including those machines with the adjustable headlights and the extreme models(please see photos to identify adjustable headlights)

Includes 6 pieces of led12x5-0609(60 Watt Output) to replace 6 cab lights. These lights are correct size and mounting holes in correct position, no drilling or cutting required.

Also to ensure a complete coverage of light, 5 pieces of led16x3fl(48 watt Output) these lights do not come with plugs, just bare wires. Two for each side of feeder house, one over looking auger and two at rear.