Case 2388 LED Light Upgrade, code; led2388pak

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Case 2388 LED light upgrade
Case 2388 LED light upgrade15X3-LED-Spot-insert-front.jpgLED16x3flled15x3SPled15x3SPled15x3SPled15x3SP15-X-3-Sealed-Beam-rear.jpgCase 2388 Adjustable Headlightsled12x5-0609

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The led15x3SP are great cost efficient replacement cab light for the Case 2388 and similar machines. These are a Hi/Lo unit but when wired up all high beam they produce an even light over the comb and light out to about 120 meters. External measurements of light, width 166mm, H 105mm, D 73mm, weight 630 gram. Directions in photos as to how to fit lights.

We have been supplying the led15x3SP since 2103 for Case 2388 and similar machines.

If your machine has adjustable headlights as per attached photos do not buy this kit, you will need to purchase the led2388Exc pack for correct fitting lights.

We recommend our led16x3fl as replacement work lights around machine, two on the feeder house, 2 reversing lights and one to shine over the auger. 16 pcs 3 watt LED producing 3500 Lumen, 9-32 Volt, 3.6 amp draw. PC Lens, Die-cast Aluminum housing, stainless steel mounting bracket. 135mm high, 108mm wide, 46mm deep, 710 gram.

This light upgrade package includes 6 pcs of led15x3Sp (3 pair) complete with H4 plug and tail and 5 pcs of led16x3fl with bare wires, no plugs, we can supply Deutsch plugs if required.