150 Tonne snatch straps

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150 Tonne snatch strap

We can have 150 Tonne snatch straps made to order, please allow up to 5 business days for manufacture.

These are designed for 600Hp plus machinery on tracks

Pricing on application, below  a guide only

150Tonne by 9 metre $1565.00+ gst approx. 36Kg in weight

150Tonne by 12 metre $2145.00+gst approx. 45Kg in weight

150 Tonne by 15 metre $2640.00+gst approx. 60Kg in weight

Freight from Perth to country NSW up to $2.00 per kg on a small pallet

We do ship daily all over Australia.

Respect the inherent dangers when using snatch straps around machinery, all instructions are required to be followed to the letter, anti-recoil straps to be secured whenever supplied and common sense does need to be employed at all times.