26 Tonne by 15 Metre Snatch Strap, Code; SN26T15Mt

Product Range Snatch Straps 26 Tonne by 15 Metre Snatch Strap, Code; SN26T15Mt
26 Tonne Snatch Strap

Machinery getting bogged? Locally manufactured Snatch Straps are the safe and economical way to extract stuck machines.

Manufactured locally with Australian Nylon webbing, all snatch straps include anti-recoil straps. Straps can be ordered and manufactured to your length required, an additional $27.50 per metre

26 Tonne Strap, 15 mt 9 kg, will suit Spreader Trucks, Tandem drive tip trucks, Tractor and Boomspray combinations, smaller 4WD’s, up to about 200hp towing tractor.

9 Tonne Shackle to suit 26 Tonne Snatch Strap additional $39.05inc gst, 3.2kg, 32mm pin

It is recommended that a Bridle be used on the stuck vehicle, this allows an even pull from two positions on the stuck vehicle. it also gives you another 1.5 meter of length.

4mt Bridle $132.00inc gst

6 Tonne Shackle required for Bridal, 2 required, additional $24.20inc gst each

2 Tonne Shackle required for anti-recoil straps, additional $6.05inc gst each 2 required

Please phone to order and to check what stock we have on hand as straps are regularly being sold and added to. Straps can be made to your custom length usually within two working days.

All shackles are European rated.

We do ship daily all over Australia.

Respect the inherent dangers when using snatch straps around machinery, all instructions are required to be followed to the letter, anti-recoil straps to be secured whenever supplied and common sense does need to be employed at all times.