50 Tonne Axle Straps, Code; AS50T

Product Range Snatch Straps 50 Tonne Axle Straps, Code; AS50T
50 Tonne Axle Straps

Designed forĀ  the easier and simpler attachment of the bridle to machinery, principally around the axle.

2 metres in length with loops on both ends for shackle attachment bridle.

It is recommended that when pulling Self Propelled Boomsprays and Combines/Harvesters out of bogs that Bridles be used to spread pull over two points to enhance safety and take pressure of the chassis

Priced and Sold as a Pair

9 Tonne Shackles are recommended for Bridles

Respect the inherent dangers when using snatch straps around machinery, all instructions are required to be followed to the letter, anti-recoil straps to be secured whenever supplied and common sense does need to be employed at all times.