75 Tonne Bridle, Code; Bridl75T

Product Range Snatch Straps 75 Tonne Bridle, Code; Bridl75T
75 Tonne Bridle
75 Tonne Bridle1 bridle under Combine (2)

75 Tonne Bridle by 6 metres in length for use in conjunction with the 75 Tonne snatch strap.

The Bridle slips through one end of the snatch strap so no shackle is required for attachment to snatch strap.

Axle Straps are recommended for attaching bridle to machinery

12 Tonne shackles are recommended for use under legislation with the 75 Tonne Bridle and 2 shackles are required per Bridle.

Respect the inherent dangers when using snatch straps around machinery, all instructions are required to be followed to the letter, anti-recoil straps to be secured whenever supplied and common sense does need to be employed at all times.