75 Tonne 20 Metre Snatch Straps

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Machinery getting bogged? locally manufactured Snatch Straps are the safe and economical way to extract stuck machines.

20mt by 75 Tonne $2007.50inc gst weighs 29.8kg

75 Tonne Strap, will suit SP Harvester and SP Boomsprays, Large 4WD and air-seeder combinations, B-Double and Road Trains. Approximately 450-500HP pulling(Wheeled Tractors).

25 Tonne Shackle to suit 75 Tonne Snatch Strap additional $154.00inc gst, 7.2kg, 43mm pin

It is recommended that a Bridal be used on the stuck vehicle especially SP Sprayers and Harvesters. The bridal attaches to two positions on the stuck vehicle, allowing a center line pull, therefore controlling the direction of the pull  and also spreads the distribution of the pull load to two points.

5mt Bridal $440.00 inc gst

12 Tonne Shackle required for Bridal, 2 required, additional $48.40inc gst each

Please phone to order and to check what we stock we have on hand as straps are regularly being sold and added to. Straps can be made to your custom length usually within 2-5 working days.

All shackles are European rated