120 Watt Spot CREE LED LightBar, order code; ledlb12x10prsp

Product Range Specials 120 Watt Spot CREE LED LightBar, order code; ledlb12x10prsp
120 Watt LED LightBar
120 Watt LED LightBarledlb12x10prspledlb12x10prspledlb12x10prspledlb12x10PR
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120 Watt LED Output, 21.25 inch Straight LightBar with Projector Reflector Lens for maximum projection of light down the road in all SPOT configuration, also provides plenty of side light

Input Voltage: 10-30V DC, 8.8 Amp draw, producing 10800 Lumen

Color Temperature: 6000-6500K

Die-cast Aluminum Housing, PC Lens

Operating Temperature: -40˚C to +60˚C, with an IP Rating of IP67

Ensure when fitting the LightBars that adequate power, wiring and relays are used during installation. Any under current or low power supply  to your LightBar will result in the LightBar light flickering, some diodes not working and subsequent internal damage to LightBar resulting in you warranty being void. It is highly recommended that you employ a qualified auto-electrician to install any electrical components on your machinery and vehicles.

Width; 540mm, Depth;90mm, height; 70mm, weight; 2893grams