Trident BfS Trio-Streamer

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Released in 2012 by Billericay Farm Services for trial purposes, the Trio Streamer was applauded by all that used it. With operating pressures from 1.35 bar to 2.95 bar allowing a huge change in flow rate, from 23lts ha up to 97 litres per ha at 25kmh(water), we are finding some older boomsprays with small delivery pipes are struggling to achieve this; it appears 100lts per ha at 20kmh appears to be more realistic for these older machines!

The Trio-Streamer is fitted with a unique valve and swirl plate that prevents atomisation. The result is three uniform and consistent streams of liquid without forming droplets that cause scorch Provides a uniform delivery of liquid fertilisers despite windy conditions or uneven ground speed. The Trio-Streamer is designed to deliver liquid fertilisers over a narrow range of operating pressure and at the correct angle of overlap Will fit standard boomspray fittings and designed to suit the Australian Boomspray. We do have the adaptor cap available for the Hardi Booms length 38mm