BfS 5 Star (blue) Streamer code; bfs5star

Product Range Spray Nozzles BfS 5 Star (blue) Streamer code; bfs5star
BFS 5 Star Blue 3BFS 5 Star Blue 4BFS 5 Star Blue 2

A new design fertiliser streaming nozzle incorporating 5 outlets up from 3 on the Trident. With the blue insert fitted this streamer gives a wider range of output, from 35 Litres per ha at 1 bar at 20km to 87 litres per ha at 2.5 bar at 30km. Calculated with liquid fertiliser at SG=1.25

5 Star Variable Rate Liquid Fertiliser Nozzle with variable application rates with operating range from 1 bar to 2.5 bar pressure.

Designed to operate at 70cm above target, the 5 holes allow 5 streams of liquid providing excellent coverage.

Apply variable liquid fertiliser rates on the go simply by adjusting the operating pressure.

Reduced risk of scorch damage.

Less drift = less waste