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Divided crop perfectly with Tridekon crop dividers

We are pleased to announce that we are now distributors of the Tridekon Crop Dividers in Western Australia. Available to suit most North American Self Propelled Sprayers. Each machine will have 4 bolt on adapters to suit each wheel leg. Then a standard Tridekon plate bolts on, onto which the cone and arms attach, allowing quick removal of units when not needed. They come in two sizes, 16inch for narrow (380) tyres and 19inch for (480)wide tyres. One owner stated it was cheaper to set his new machine up from new on wide tires and purchase the Tridekon’s rather than purchase the skinny tires as well (for late in crop spraying) with their reduced load and speed rating.

Please note that the wide sets even with the extensions will not cover the 600mm wide tires

Wide cone suit 420 tyres, set of 4 with in-built air lift $13409.00inc gst

Narrow cone suit 380 tyres, set of 4 with in-built air lift $12760.00inc gst

Bolt on widening kit for 480 Tyres, set of 4, $396.00inc gst

Plus bolt on adapter for various machines, prices vary for each individual machine

Rogator RG700 $1419.00

Prices are indicative only and may change at any time.

12 Volt air compressor $902.00 (only for those machines not fitted with an air-compressor, Rogators do not require)

Freight ex Queensland to Perth or your local depot, approx. $825.00inc gst per set, please allow up to 15 days for delivery.

Please do not leave ordering to the last minute as in 2105 we had 8 clients who missed out on a set as there was too little time or no stock for delivery and again in 2016 we have had a number of clients leave it to late on ordering and again in 2017 when the distributor ran out of stock, I had 6 clients miss out.