7in Wireless QUAD screen three camera kit, code cwi7wl3camR

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Quad Wireless Camera Screen for grain transfer
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The new wireless 4 camera QUAD screen will support up to FOUR WIRELESS CAMERAS and show up to all four cameras at once! The new screens are easily distinguishable as they have two main aerials attached to the top of the screen. These units have proven to connect and hold connection between camera and screen easier and quicker than previous models.

When fitted to truck trailers and road trains for loading grain, many operators source the power from the taillights to operate the cameras when filling. We have found that the power available through the taillights is a very unreliable power source to run cameras, if you are experiencing these power issues try running a dedicated power wire through from keyed power. Also it is recommended that if you are having new trailers being built, ask your manufacturer to install a separate power wire to run your cameras and any additional lighting.

Suitable also for tow behind air carts for observation inside seed and fertilizer bins as the cameras have inbuilt infra-red. You will need good power for the camera and place an external antennae(cwiea5 ) from camera to outside of bin for direct line of site to tractor cab. If ordering please order an extra 2 pcs of cwiea5 for this application, one included in the kit.

2.4G Digital 7in Wireless Color LCD Monitor, 92 Degree IP69K Waterproof Camera provides extremely clear images, with Audio and Night Vision. 10-32volt power, approx 8w draw with potential 110 metre line of sight, external antennae placed on roof will extend this signal.

The screen also has a recording function using a micro-SD/TF card, 128G

Kit price includes a 7in screen, three 92 degree wireless camera with infra-red and one external antennae.

These cameras also work extremely well when placed on the auger of mother bins with the screen used in the cab of the truck for out loading.