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Cameras on Fertilizer spreader

We use CWI imports for many reasons. Put simply great customer service and great products! I have been using CWI Imports nozzles for over 12 years with huge success.

Due to a back injury I went searching for ways of minimizing stress on myself and my employee’s  bodies, especially in those busy times like seeding and harvest with the use of cameras. After looking around at many options I once again turned to Craig for his expertise and knowledge for help. I could see what I was getting and touch the product versus buying online and hoping for the best. After using the first camera system we now have them in all the Utes, air seeder, boom spray, on all the augers to see in the silos without climbing up ladders, super spreader, and trucks. They have worked perfectly and we haven’t had a failure to date. They connect to each other so it doesn’t matter what hooks up to what and the picture quality is great.

We also used CWI imports blue light on the boom spray this year and what a difference made for boom spraying at night.

Thanks CWI imports for great products and service to match.

Regards, James Jefferies, Duranillan, WA

Photo is of spinners on super spreader and screen rotates to inside spinner tub for second image.