Grant Borgward, Morawa Farmer and Contractor


There seems to be so many options now in the market if you are looking for new lights for your agricultural machinery, especially the online options of mostly dubious quality.

The first question I ask when looking to purchase is; are they good quality and will they last?

The second question is; are they good value for money?

The third question; which is actually the most important is, what lights do I actually need?.

The lights supplied by Central Wheatbelt Imports are very good quality and excellent value, but the best reason to buy from CWI is that Craig Gorfin (owner) will actually ask you what type of machine are you going to put them on? And he will know what it is. He will then ask you what sort of conditions do you work in, ie; excessive rocks or hills or small pieces as this will mean you will need more powerful lights.

I just make one call to Craig now and give him the model numbers and size of the machines that I need lights for and I buy whatever he recommends.

Once the lights are fitted the increased productivity and safety are obvious.


Grant Borgward

Morawa Farmer and Contractor who has been purchasing Lights and Camera Equipment from CWImports for many years