Jason Lummis, Rosbercon Vineyard

Jason Lummis, Rosbercon Vineyard

After trialing many and varied drift reducing nozzles, Jason Lummis believes he is finally on a winner to control drift, after fitting the Air Bubble Jet to their hooded sprayer for spraying in the vineyards he manages. 

The range of Air Bubble Jets distributed by Central Wheatbelt Imports have traditionally only been fitted to broad acre boomsprays. They are now also finding a home in hooded sprayers for work in vineyards and orchards.

Jason Lummis from Rosbercon Vineyard fitted a set of .04 Air Bubble Jets to his boom for spraying under vines. He tried other low drift and air induction nozzles with limited success and was more than pleasantly surprised by the performance of the Billericay Air Bubble Jet used in his spraying program.

Jason stated that not only was drift kept to an absolute minimum, but he felt that “brown out of the weeds was quicker.

This sentiment was also echoed by another producer who purchased a set of nozzles for his boomspray at the Newdegate Field days. He trialled them first on his fire break boom. Instead of the usual drift going everywhere, including onto his valuable crop, the fire break boom was “like a knife edge going around the paddock”.