Wireless Camera’s Work

Magnetic base rechargeable camera used for loading Oats, camera visible on end of auger

Hi Craig,

Just thought I would send you these photos of the Wireless Screen and Magnetic Base Rechargeable Camera that we purchased from you at the Wagin Woolorama, as we are very happy with quality and end result. Against your advice we did power up the screen from Cigarette lighter and just stuck the camera on the end of the Auger.

We are out loading oats and need to fill trailers to the top with 8 piles. This used to require in and out of the truck cab to ensure correct loading. With camera magnet-ed to the end of our 50 foot auger it does not move even when auger is empty and vibrating. it takes about 30 seconds to set up and can be used on anything. Out-loading is now a one man job and a lot quicker.

Thanks for talking me into buying!!



Western Australia