Geoff and Mark Ryan who farm at Kodj Kodjin have improved the safety of their spraying program by fitting Air Bubble Jets supplied by CW Imports to their boomsprays. Geoff has used a number of different brands of air induction nozzles over the years for drift control.

Since changing to the Air Bubble Jet he says they are experiencing less blockages in dusty conditions than competing brands, but more importantly he believes the droplet spectrum produced by the Air Bubble Jet is giving him the best overall coverage for year round spraying as well as very good drift control. So much so that he is planning to go up a nozzle size to take advantage of being able to travel a bit faster on the long runs up and back farming has delivered.

Geoff and Mark Ryan, Kodj Kodjin

With the average size grain farm in Western Australia expanding, farmers are looking at ways to increase efficiency and improve safety.

Three years ago Geoff and Mark Ryan who farm at Kodj Kodjin fitted a camera system in their road train to make the loading of grain quicker and safer during the busy harvest period. Mark says he can load accurately to within 5% from the driver’s seat watching the loading progress on a monitor.

The cameras are situated at the rear of the trailers facing forward with the monitor mounted on the dash of the prime mover. Once the field bin is started Mark follows the progress of the loading from the drivers seat and moves the truck accordingly, he then only has to hop out to turn off the field bin. It is not only quicker, but also a lot safer as Mark is not climbing up and down the side of the trailer checking the loading progress, or worried about twisting an ankle on the undulations left by seeding at 30cm row spacing, as he runs to switch off the pto. As well as being safer, Mark also saves time as he can fill out the receival dockets while watching the monitor in the cab.

The cameras serve a dual purpose as they are fitted into the top of the air seeder tanks to monitor progress of the seed and fertilizer. Being infrared no lighting is required and it means there should be no unsightly gaps after seeding from drivers running out of seed.

Geoff and Mark Ryan, Kodj Kodjin

There seems to be so many options now in the market if you are looking for new lights for your agricultural machinery, especially the online options of mostly dubious quality.

The first question I ask when looking to purchase is; are they good quality and will they last?

The second question is; are they good value for money?

The third question; which is actually the most important is, what lights do I actually need?.

The lights supplied by Central Wheatbelt Imports are very good quality and excellent value, but the best reason to buy from CWI is that Craig Gorfin (owner) will actually ask you what type of machine are you going to put them on? And he will know what it is. He will then ask you what sort of conditions do you work in, ie; excessive rocks or hills or small pieces as this will mean you will need more powerful lights.

I just make one call to Craig now and give him the model numbers and size of the machines that I need lights for and I buy whatever he recommends.

Once the lights are fitted the increased productivity and safety are obvious.


Grant Borgward

Morawa Farmer and Contractor who has been purchasing Lights and Camera Equipment from CWImports for many years

Grant Borgward standing in front of the Bednar Terraland to that he imports to deep rip and renovate Western Australia's agricultural soils

After trialing many and varied drift reducing nozzles, Jason Lummis believes he is finally on a winner to control drift, after fitting the Air Bubble Jet to their hooded sprayer for spraying in the vineyards he manages. 

The range of Air Bubble Jets distributed by Central Wheatbelt Imports have traditionally only been fitted to broad acre boomsprays. They are now also finding a home in hooded sprayers for work in vineyards and orchards.

Jason Lummis from Rosbercon Vineyard fitted a set of .04 Air Bubble Jets to his boom for spraying under vines. He tried other low drift and air induction nozzles with limited success and was more than pleasantly surprised by the performance of the Billericay Air Bubble Jet used in his spraying program.

Jason stated that not only was drift kept to an absolute minimum, but he felt that “brown out of the weeds was quicker.

This sentiment was also echoed by another producer who purchased a set of nozzles for his boomspray at the Newdegate Field days. He trialled them first on his fire break boom. Instead of the usual drift going everywhere, including onto his valuable crop, the fire break boom was “like a knife edge going around the paddock”.

Jason Lummis, Rosbercon Vineyard

Mark Schilling from Kadina on the Yorke Peninsula in South Australia has seen the benefits to his farming operation of using Camera Systems supplied by CW Imports based in Perth.

On seeing the CWI Camera system and realising its versatility, Mark immediately purchased five camera systems. They were fitted in semi trailers for loading grain and reversing onto augers, in harvesters for monitoring grain tank levels and the engine bay and in tractors towing chaser bins. The boomspray also had one fitted to check the hard-to-see nozzles behind the wheels. He also fitted them to the air seeder bins to enable the operators to keep a constant visual on the air seeders operations.

Mark says the cameras are a simple and easy system to use and bring great safety benefits for himself and his employees. They have helped his harvest operations run smoothly and efficiently and their use is only limited by the need to see where you now can’t. Mark is now considering putting one on top of the tubulator to check on grain flow.

Mark Schilling, Kadina

Mark Schilling from Kadina on the Yorke Peninsula in South Australia has seen the benefits to his farming operation of using the Air Bubble supplied by CW Imports based in Perth. Mark initially liked the look of the droplet pattern produced by the Air Bubble Jets and being a person not to put things to chance by using old spray nozzles he immediately invested in a set of nozzles for his 4920 John Deere Sprayer.

Mark was immediately impressed when operating the boomspray with the Air Bubble Jets fitted as potentially harmful spray drift was cut to an absolute minimum and the air filled droplets gave tremendous coverage on all targets.

Later in the season when fungicides needed to be used in the cropping program, Mark had no hesitation in ordering and fitting a larger size Air Bubble Jet so as to keep their work rate up while using higher water rates.

Mark imports the AWS Air Reel and AtomJet Seeding System from Canada and distributes around Australia. He was so impressed with the Air Bubble Jets that he asked Craig to join him on his site at the Speed and Cleve Field Days and to venture East for the Wimmera Field Day.

Mark Schilling, Kadina