LED Upgrades for John Deere
75 Tonne snatch strap plus 6 metre bridle and 2mt axle straps
Blue led for Boomsprays
Wireless Camera Systems for Grain Transfer
Camera on end of 70 ft auger for loading grain
Billericay Air Bubble Jet spray quality chart

“The cameras are a simple and easy system to use and bring great safety benefits to myself and my employees”

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Central Wheatbelt Imports: High-Quality Agricultural Equipment & Supplies

At Central Wheatbelt Imports, we specialise in providing innovative, high-quality agriculture equipment and solutions to the farming industry within Australia. Our products are available online, through our comprehensive dealer network around Australia, or by ringing 08 9335 2700 to discuss your requirements and to ensure you are purchasing the correct agricultural product to suit your needs.

Our mission is to support the agriculture industry, encourage growth and supply products that improve safety, increase productivity and reduce risk for all machinery operators.

As farmers, we understand the need for high-tech, quality agricultural tools and equipment that are reasonably priced. And this is why we are proudly considered one of Australia’s most trusted agricultural equipment suppliers.

Browse through our range of agricultural equipment online, to find a solution that suits your requirements, and your pocket!

Our Agricultural Products Include:

  • Camera monitoring equipment for all machinery
  • Agricultural equipment lighting upgrades, including made to measure factory fit LED lights and a range of optional LED Lights and Lightbars for improved machinery vision
  • Snatch straps, from 16 – 150 tonne straps
  • Agricultural spray equipment, including imported spray nozzles and fertilizer streaming nozzles. You can find our collection of agricultural irrigation equipment for sale on our Spray Nozzles product page.

Owner-Operated Business

Owner, Craig Gorfin knows that users don’t want unnecessary gadgets; instead they need products that make the job easier, faster and safer.

As an ex-farmer, Craig recognizes the need for improved quality and accessibility of agricultural supplies for farmers throughout Australia. This is why our farm store online and Australia-wide dealer network ensure that our quality products are available anywhere in the country.

Going Green

New state-of-the-art agricultural products of Australia play an important role in the drive for improved sustainability across all industries in the country. We support this drive by sourcing the latest equipment used in agriculture and supplying energy-efficient products to an increasingly environmentally-aware market. Combined with more environmentally-friendly farming methods, technically-improved, greener agricultural products can contribute significantly to the sustainability of the industry.

Join us in making a change! Have a look through our product range, and if you need further information, do not hesitate to contact us.

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What our clients have to say

With the average size grain farm in Western Australia expanding, farmers are looking at ways to increase efficiency and improve safety. Three years ago Geoff and Mark Ryan who farm at Kodj Kodjin fitted a camera system in their road train to make the loading of grain quicker and safer during the busy harvest period. Mark says he can load accurately to within 5% from the driver's seat w...

Geoff and Mark Ryan, Kodj Kodjin

Mark Schilling from Kadina on the Yorke Peninsula in South Australia has seen the benefits to his farming operation of using the Air Bubble supplied by CW Imports based in Perth. Mark initially liked the look of the droplet pattern produced by the Air Bubble Jets and being a person not to put things to chance by using old spray nozzles he immediately invested in a set of nozzles for his 4...

Mark Schilling, Kadina

Geoff and Mark Ryan who farm at Kodj Kodjin have improved the safety of their spraying program by fitting Air Bubble Jets supplied by CW Imports to their boomsprays. Geoff has used a number of different brands of air induction nozzles over the years for drift control. Since changing to the Air Bubble Jet he says they are experiencing less blockages in dusty conditions than competing br...

Geoff and Mark Ryan, Kodj Kodjin

Mark Schilling from Kadina on the Yorke Peninsula in South Australia has seen the benefits to his farming operation of using Camera Systems supplied by CW Imports based in Perth. On seeing the CWI Camera system and realising its versatility, Mark immediately purchased five camera systems. They were fitted in semi trailers for loading grain and reversing onto augers, in harvesters for m...

Mark Schilling, Kadina

There seems to be so many options now in the market if you are looking for new lights for your agricultural machinery, especially the online options of mostly dubious quality. The first question I ask when looking to purchase is; are they good quality and will they last? The second question is; are they good value for money? The third question; which is actually the most importan...

Craig, as a former farmer who understands the shortfalls of much of today's machinery in respect to their lighting, has transformed our operation by updating and modernizing our harvesters, tractors, chaser bins, spreader, air-seeder carts, utilities and field bins with the installation of high tech lighting and cameras. We now have a much safer and more efficient farming environment t...

“Thanks Craig for the new lighting setup on our STX. The front lights replaced perfectly the existing headlights.  You couldn’t tell the difference until you turned them on.  Brilliant! no need for extra lights or spot lights. By replacing 4 existing rear lights, we now turn on have half the rear lights, for three times the amount of light on the bar and box.”

Hi Craig. Really impressed with the camera screen combo I purchased from you - the magnetic base unit is brilliant - stick it anywhere - 800 km on corrugations didn't move it a millimetre and never missed a beat. Hooking up trailers no longer entails outbursts of profanities ..... Best Regards Dane Dane purchased a 7in Wireless screen along with our new wireless magnetic base recha...

By the way a couple of months ago I purchased my second set of your Billericay air bubble jets after being so impressed by my first set. I set up some of that water sensitive paper and compared it to my previous jets and I was blown away by how uniform the droplet size was and also the drift was significantly less. Thanks for selling such a high quality product. Norm, NSW Received abov...

We use CWI imports for many reasons. Put simply great customer service and great products! I have been using CWI Imports nozzles for over 12 years with huge success. Due to a back injury I went searching for ways of minimizing stress on myself and my employee’s  bodies, especially in those busy times like seeding and harvest with the use of cameras. After looking around at many opti...

Just received attached photo from a client who purchased and fitted a ledlb12x10SP Lightbar to his JCB for extra light whilst stacking hay in his 700 Hectare hay program. The LightBar provided all the light required(plus some) and survived the bale of hay falling on it!! Just needed re-adjusting.

Hi Craig Thought I'd share this photo. We purchased a camera & screen system off you last October & mounted it at the end of the auger as you can see as per photo which I took from the screen in the tractor. We were very pleased with the system as it made maneuvering the auger into the silos much easier when you are on your own. The silos are 35ft high and the auger was 70ft l...

Hi Craig, Just thought I would send you these photos of the Wireless Screen and Magnetic Base Rechargeable Camera that we purchased from you at the Wagin Woolorama, as we are very happy with quality and end result. Against your advice we did power up the screen from Cigarette lighter and just stuck the camera on the end of the Auger. We are out loading oats and need to fill trailers...

Hi Craig, just wanted to let you know that the 5in screen with 2 cameras we fitted in the tele-handler works a treat. We have mounted a camera on front right light arm looking backwards to give us vision in the blind spot and when we hit reverse the camera mounted on the engine cover operates. No excuses for any one backing into anything now!! We have a few of your setups now on var...

Hi Craig, just wanted to let you know that the new wireless camera and screens are working a Treat!. As you said, connectivity has improved over the old version we had and we now receive a signal the full length of the road train with no dropping out. We can actually pick a signal up 3-400 metres away from the field bins!! As a quick fix on the second set of bins, we attach the magneti...

Hi Craig, last year I purchased some LED lights from you to replace the 6 OEM ones on the cab of my Case 2388. Just wanted to give you some feedback, we are wrapped with how well they work. They are super bright with no more connection issues like the old OEM ones had. They are a fantastic light and easy to install. Oh yeah the light bar is turned on in the photo but you can see it...

Hi Craig, Just writing to let you know we are needing a new camera system for a replacement header we've had to purchase after ours burnt to the ground recently and to let you know that if it wasn't for the camera setup the outcome could have been a lot worse. Whilst we lost a header, 60' front & chaff cart, we still have the operator (my daughter)! And no, she's not an i...

Just received attached photo from a long standing client ready to upgrade his lighting. These led6x10SP purchased in June 2013 have seen 3 utes out, hit 15 odd roos, been attacked with an angle grinder to make fit and now being replaced as one input wire has broken!! Client has upgraded to a ledlb24x10/2row, good choice Thanks for the photo John!!

Hi Craig. Thank you for your advice in selecting the monitor and cameras for a complete system for our truck, and adapting to existing Setups in other equipment. Everything ordered to date works and works well. Look forward to fitting recent purchase and making the job safer, easier and more efficient. Thanks again for prompt delivery, I will be chasing you up for future needs. Regar...

Hi Craig, just letting you know that the camera system we installed on  our hay baler on your recommendation is doing everything you promised. The front camera saves a lot of turning around especially if we are having knotter issues which we can pick up before the monitor tells us. The two side ones are handy as we can see when the rams bottom out and so we don't over load the machine. T...

Below feed-back from one of our oldest dealers about one of their clients The guy in C....... with kit CWI7WL4CAMR is very happy. He brought a kit from, eBay and fitted it all up on his road train. Only to find he couldn’t get them to work. They worked on the kitchen table. But found out the camera’s only had about a 5 meter range. Was not happy. He is so happy with CWI cameras ...

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Latest News

Chains and Bogged machinery can be disastrous


Sorry to harp on about the dangers of extracting bogged machinery. But just had a gentleman ring from NSW who has just put a chain through the front grill of a SP sprayer. Sprayer got bogged so a tractor and chain pulled them out ok, it was still soft country in front so they stayed hitched together in case. The sprayer went down again without the tractor driver realizing and the added tension snapped the chain sending it into the front of the sprayer. Fortunately no personal...

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Snatch Strap works


I was speaking to a client last week (Feb 2020) who purchased a 75 Tonne snatch strap in July 2017 to replace a cable that snapped whilst extracting a bogged SP Sprayer(they were lucky no one was injured bar machinery when cable snapped). My client was saying that the snatch strap combined with a bridal, is a lot easier to use and with the elasticity when pulling stuck machinery out of bogs the whole process is a lot gentler on machinery. He also mentioned that because they have...

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Cameras with LED in-built, YES


Yes, here at Central Wheatbelt Imports, we do listen!! I have had a couple of clients mention over time that visibility inside some steel air-seeder tanks has not been the greatest. I mentioned this to our factory and asked if a camera could be manufactured with LED instead of infra-red and YES they have come up with a 92 degree camera with 4 LED instead of infra-red. The vision is a lot clearer and initial feed-back has been very positive. Pricing is the same and cameras can be...

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The End of Field Day Attendances


Hi All, Just to let those of you who I regularly catch up with at the Wagin Woolorama and Dowerin Field Days know, that I will no longer be exhibiting at these events. It has not been an easy decision to make, but for my health I believe it is the right one. (There is a lot of unseen heavy lifting involved in the preparation, organizing, setting up and then dismantling a Field Day Site) I am finding that after attending these field days, it takes 2-4 weeks and a couple of ...

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Opportunity Cost?


With seeding in full swing around Australia what is the cost of a 18mt air seeder operating for 3 hrs with no seed being sown?? This happened to a client last night who has now purchased another screen and cameras to try and eliminate the chance of this happening again. Is $1100.00 that big a cost to avoid this happening? What is the cost if this miss is not picked up until the crop emerges? Lost yield and weed competition reduces the camera cost even more. Also today I ha...

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Case STX Retro-Fit Lights


The new Retro-fit replacements lights for the earlier STX, Magnum and Patriot are selling extremely well with very positive feed-back on the amount of light they emit. There big plus is they put no extra load on the alternator and fit straight in, no need to manufacture brackets or extra wiring harness's. So much so that I had client ring this week that put a set in his 2009 435 STX and raved about them, he then realized how bad the rest of his lights were!! Another 8 lights dis...

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Loading Grain Safely


We have been successfully supplying cameras for placement in grain tipping bins for about 15 years now. Now with Wireless technology it is possible to place a camera on the end of an Auger, up to 110 foot Auger so far, and stay on the ground watching the grain flow with the screen being powered by a small battery pack. No more rushing up and down silo ladders to shut of the grain flow, or even chocking of augers because you can stay in control from ground level and know how the ...

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Fertilizer Streaming Nozzles


We have just dispatched a set of Trident Fertilizer Streaming Nozzles out to an existing client as for the last couple of days he has seen his neighbor out applying Flex-N (liquid Nitrogen) using our Fertilizer Streaming Nozzles, whilst their boom-spray has been sitting still because it is to windy to operate!! What is the opportunity cost he has lost?? with another 7-12mm of rain forecast in the next couple of days. As he said these Fertilizer Streaming Nozzles will be a cheap ...

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Agricultural Tools and Equipment


At Central Wheatbelt Imports, we supply agricultural tools and equipment that are quality and safety approved, at a fair price. Read below for an overview of the products we have available. If you’d like more information, check out our Product Page. • Dash camera observation systems The dash cams we supply make it easy to keep a visual eye on all machinery. As a machine operator, you have the ability to see what’s happening with your load or machinery, while in the d...

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JD Harvester Lights


We have just had a farmer from Central Queensland purchase the led13x5fl and led13x5sp lights for one of his JD9770's. They installed them, did one night's work and rang up and ordered two more sets for his other two machines. They were very impressed with the quality and amount of light produced and the big comment was that they now had no shadows!! These lights also are fitted with same plugs as on the 9770 to enable ease of fitment.

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9005 90 degree globe and 35 watt ballast


conversion kit with out the thrills, just two globes and two ballast with no fancy packaging. two 9005 35 watt 6000K globes with wires extruding at 90 degrees and two 35 watt 12 volt only ballast dramatically improve your machinery lighting at a fraction of the cost on special for $88.00 per pair

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Good lighting equals less bogging, true story


With last years wet start to the year in mind, it reminds me of one client running two air-seeder units, different widths so working in different pieces as to why the smaller machine was bogging more than the larger machine durin g the night shift. It wasn't until he actually drove the smaller machine at night time that he realized the dilemma, the big STX had a 50in curve bar on the front and the smaller STX had no upgrade lighting. The difference with the extra lighting enable...

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Ensure adequate power


Just had a call from a long time client who installed two new 80 watt flood lights on the back of his air-cart to illuminate his tow behind air-seeder bar. They are the ledlb8x102rowflood, plenty bright enough, except one light was flashing from side to side and the first light to receive the power was working just fine. The cause was lack of power. If it had been left to run, the lightbar would have burnt  out. If when installing additional lighting and things don't feel ri...

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Good Feed-Back


I do not get the chance to speak to many clients post their purchase, but it actually happened last week. Jack had purchased a curved lightbar along with 4 smaller lightbars  for their new Case SP Sprayer and I rang to inquire if they were doing the job. (I firmly believe that any feed-back is good feed-back). Jack is more than happy with the amount of light they produce and went on to say that the lightbars on the Sprayer are doing a much better job than what his local deal...

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New Website


our new website compatible with mobile phone and tablets has just gone live as from Friday 15th Jan Please bare with us as we organize all our photo's and products into order, it does take some time! we will appreciate any comments

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interesting week??


I have had an interesting week so far. Started with an Agronomist who was recommended by one of his clients to call in and see me, re some new driving lights for his crew-cab. He had hit a bird whilst driving and broken the brackets that were part of the integral brackets holding the cheap lightbar on that he had purchased of e-bay, hence no more lightbar!!. He then purchased a pair of 9×10 LED spots as replacement. Today, I had a client who had purchased a pair of 12×10 2...

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Wireless antennae wire signal issues


I have had a call from one of our customers (thanks Chad) who experienced issues whilst installing a wireless camera in the seed tank on his tow behind air cart. He installed the screen in the tractor and camera at the top of the grain tank pointing down at the roller with the external antennae sitting at the front of the air-cart with the cable just looped outside the air cart. He checked that everything was working OK and he had a clear picture and a full 4 bars of signal on h...

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Radio Interference


I have received great feed-back from one client that was experiencing buzzing on his am/fm radio when the new LED lights he fitted to the roof of his tractor were turned on. The fact he had interference at all surprised me. As it turned out it was a simple fix, he lifted the roof, moved the power wire supplying the lights away from the radio antennae wire, they were touching, even thou still sheathed and the problem was solved, no more buzzing. He had installed the same lights...

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2km/hr Faster at night with the two lights


“2 km/hr faster at night with the two lights, in the end I just disconnected the two middle lights on the header and used existing wiring and fuses etc”,  Ian McNeil, Kellerberrin on a 8010 with a 39ft front See 12X10 LED 2 Row for photos

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Harvester Lights


Our phone is running hot at this time of the year for lights to increase vision for night time operations, especially on older harvesters. With these machines I do try and encourage owners to replace original power hungry lights rather than just add lights. LED lights are very power efficient and in a lot of instances will provide 5 times more light and use a third of the power of a standard light. If you need distance light a LightBar will be very efficient at supplying this ...

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Snatch Straps


Snatch Straps are becoming increasingly popular  for safely extracting machinery from sticky situations 50 Tonne 9 mt strap $572.00inc gst, 15mt $902.00inc gst 75 tonne 9 mt $979.00inc gst, 15mt $1540.00inc gst 100 Tonne 9 mt $1265.00inc gst, 15mt $1925.00inc gst Manufactured locally using Australian webbing, please contact Craig on 08 9335 2700 for details Can be manufactured to any length you require

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Beware the snake oil salesman


It is disappointing to hear of people spending good money and not receiving what they expect. I have recently had a phone call from Brian in NSW who had just spent in excess of $4000 on 4 lightbars on his 3185 Fastrac used to pull a 20 mt BoomSpray. His problem, he could not see the end of his booms! He had purchased the LightBars from and had them fitted by his local auto electrician. He did have plenty of light, but most off the light was not were it was needed. I did feel v...

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Rear Vision Mirror/ Screen


Replace your existing Rear Vision Mirror with a mirror that has a screen on the left hand side. Select reverse and have a 4.3in image appear on the left hand side of the screen A second Camera can run all the time or just use one camera which only works when reverse is selected Extremely good quality picture available with your choice of Cameras Will be on display at the upcoming Caravan and Camping Show, March 21-25 Claremont Show Grounds

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Wireless Camera Kits


We now have stocks of both One Camera and two camera wireless Camera Kits available with a 7in screen. Screens will run up to 4 wireless cameras in total Please go to the camera section for more details. A power wire is still needed for the cameras to be able to send a signal back to the screen which can be sourced from an existing power supply on the machine. Picture quality on both units is very good.

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Nozzle Calculator Increases Safety especially for Summer Spraying


Nozzle Calculator increases Safety Summer spraying usually includes chemicals that specify on the label that a nozzle producing either a medium or coarse droplet be used. With some nozzles this difference can be achieved just by a change of operating pressure. The Billericay Farm Services Air Induction Nozzle, distributed by Central Wheatbelt Imports, produces (depending on pressure) droplets in the medium and coarse category. BfS have produced a nozzle calculator that e...

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Stay in control while shifting grain


Stay in control while shifting grain With harvest 2011 almost upon us Central Wheatbelt Imports principal, Craig Gorfin has been fielding questions and supplying Dash Camera Observation kits and HID and LED lighting equipment throughout Australia. The new generation LED LightBars have taken off and sold out, with Craig impatiently waiting for more stock to arrive. Light output is difficult to explain until night time falls when these LightBars talk for themselves. Wit...

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